Membership Information

Benefits of Membership

  1. Arizona HTCIA is a local chapter of the international organization. This affiliation adds credibility and increases members’ effectiveness in high technology crime prevention and investigation.
  2. Arizona HTCIA provides a forum for networking, resource sharing, and knowledge exchange among law enforcement and industry professionals.
  3. Arizona HTCIA helps members keep up with changes in laws, rules, and regulations related to high technology crime investigation and information security issues.

Who can join?

  1. Law Enforcement: Peace Officers, Investigators and Prosecuting Attorneys engaged in the investigation and/or prosecution of criminal activity associated with computers and/or advanced technologies. Each member shall be regularly employed by the Federal Government, State Government, Counties, and/or Municipal subdivisions of any state, or
  2. Private/Public Sector: Management Level and Senior Staff Security Professionals in the regular employ of private business or Industry, whose primary duties are the control and responsibility for security and/or investigation in computer or advanced technology environments, or by virtue of their position or interest can provide, or have a need for, information and training in the areas of computer and/or advanced technologies.
  3. Students: Membership is limited to undergraduate or graduate students majoring in computer science; forensics, criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections, accounting, auditing or similar program of study with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) established by the International Executive Committee (IEC).

How to Join

Applicants for regular membership must complete an online application form on the main  HTCIA International webpage.  The form can be found here – HTCIA

Applications are subject to approval by the HTCIA Membership Committee. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation message by electronic mail and a member packet by postal mail.

If your application is not accepted, your money will be refunded in full. Membership renewals are billed by HTCIA International for a full year from the date of application/renewal.

See the HTCIA International Web site for further information on the application process if desired.