Child and Internet Safety

Internet Crimes Against Children – Arizona Task Force:
The nationwide ICAC Task Force Program helps state and local law enforcement agencies develop an effective response to cyber enticement and child pornography cases. This help encompasses forensic and investigative components, training and technical assistance, victim services, and community education. Within Arizona, the ICAC Task Force is partnered with 54 agencies statewide. Arizona detectives and special agents have conducted over 6,000 investigations resulting in the incarceration of hundreds of offenders.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:
Provides technical assistance to individuals and law enforcement agencies in the prevention, investigation, prosecution, and treatment of cases involving missing and exploited children.

An educational resource for children of all ages, parents, and educators on how to stay safer on the Internet.

Carnegie Mellon University resource concerning the dangers in cyberspace: sexting, cyberbullying, phishing…

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