April 2017 Meeting

Daniel Nowak will be presenting Cross Domain Hunting: Taking Investigations across the Human to Digital Divides.

Wednesday, April 12.
9 A.M. – 12 P.M.
University of Phoenix, Tempe

Be sure to register, as seating is limited.

Daniel has spent two decades deep in the trenches of the global security community crafting the strategy that has lead organizations into battle against hackers, malware, malicious insiders and human error. Daniel has extensive experience in the development of visionary security products and solutions, execution of technology partnerships & sales channels, as well as the operational nuances and strategic business structures required to effectively run multi-national operations.

Daniel has served in many leadership positions throughout varied corporate landscapes ranging from the world of Big-4 and boutique security consulting, to security management at global holding companies, into the heart of SaaS providers, developing an intelligence focused security practice at a $800m federal integrator, most recently bootstrapping intelligence focused technology and service startups.

From packets to people, Daniel has navigated the broad spectrum of security postures and responses to security related events in the enterprise, government agencies, law enforcement and military agencies. Organizations ranging from the US Fedgov to Fortune 100, NGOs and LE agencies have requested briefings both stateside and internationally. From world of the road warrior to the corporate board, these experiences have provided Daniel the perspective to be an effective catalyst and agent of change in shaping organizations to function in an increasingly unstable global community.