Snowden’s Secrets

“Late on the evening of January 11, 2013, someone sent me an interesting email. It was encrypted , and sent from the sort of anonymous email service that smart people use when they want to hide their identity. Sitting at the kitchen table in the small cottage where I lived in Berkeley with my wife and two cats, I decrypted it.”

Members can login and download the 11 page story by Micah Lee regarding his early interactions with Edward Snowden.

Log in to AzHTCIA with Google

A new log in option was activated today for anyone who uses Google.  If your user account is associated with a Google email address, you may now use it to log in.

azhtcia-google-login When you use this new option, you will be transferred to Google’s log in page.  After entering your Google Account information, you will be automatically logged into the membership area.

The first time you log in with this option, your Google account will ask permission to allow access to your account.

No access to your Google account or information is transferred or available to AzHTCIA.  This only allows AzHTCIA to confirm your identity and use it to log you in.

If you don’t have a Google account or don’t want to use this option, you may continue logging in as you always have.  Any questions or those needing assistance can contact our webmaster.